Busting the Antiwrinkle Creams Collagen Myth

Busting the Antiwrinkle Creams Collagen Myth

Today, many antiwrinkle creams include collagen. While most forms of collagen cannot be absorbed by the skin, they may also carry a number of health related consequences. Therefore, before buying any product that contains collagen, you will need to investigate the origin of the collagen, as well as its safety.

Collagen and Infection Risks

If collagen from antiwrinkle creams is applied to your face, it can carry pathogens. Among other things, it is no secret that the cosmetics industry is not as strictly regulated by the FDA.

As a result, you may be exposing yourself to collagen from cattle. In particular, while “downer” cattle are not allowed into the food supply because of the risk of mad cow disease, they may still be used for cosmetics. Unfortunately, there is no known process to eliminate the prion that causes this horrible disease. In a similar way, antiwrinkle creams that use collagen derived from birds may carry bird flu and other diseases.

Collagen and Malignancy Risks

Unfortunately, all marine life has been exposed to nuclear radiation from underwater weapons testing, as well as the outright dumping of nuclear waste materials. When you buy products with this type of collagen, you may be unknowingly exposing yourself to nuclear radiation, as well as many other carcinogenic substances. While there are no studies available on this subject, it is best to be wary.

Collagen derived from cattle and birds may not be much safer from a nuclear contamination perspective. As an example, if the animals were raised on commercial farms, there is no way to be assured that the animals were not unwittingly raised on contaminated lands. You need to be enormously concerned about all of the underground nuclear testing that has occurred over the years.

While the government may claim that no radiation leakage occurs from these tests, many of them were powerful enough to create earthquakes well above a magnitude of 5.0. There is also no direct way to determine if underground streams and other water resources may have shifted to carry nuclear radiation onto distant farms. Therefore, as you search for products for wrinkles, is crucial to consider the implications associated with ones that include collagen.

  • There are millions of carcinogenic substances in the world, including ones derived from nuclear contamination.
  • Wrinkle solutions may put you in unwitting contact with these contaminants.
  • When you seek to decrease wrinkles, it should not cost your long term health.
  • One of the good antiwrinkle formulas, Lifecell, does not use collagen in its formulary.

Natural Wrinkle Cream and Human Collagen Sources

Even though collagen from human sources may not carry some of the most glaring health risks, it is important to consider where it may have come from. Among other things, aborted fetuses, as well as cadavers may be a source of this material Borobudur. Without a question, if you have strong feelings about abortion, or uncomfortable with other sources, you will want to avoid antiwrinkle creams with human based collagen in them.

Over the years, many manufacturers have included collagen in their wrinkle solutions formulas. Aside from being virtually useless, it may create a number of health issues. Even though there are no scientific studies available on these specific matters, it is best to be wary of antiwrinkle creams that include any type of collagen.