Bob Hair Care Tips, What to Know Before Cutting Your Hair

Bob Hair Care Tips, What to Know Before Cutting Your Hair

Hair and styling the same is about maintaining. If a style suits a celebrity then simply following the same might be unwanted for you. The main motive is to sport a recent hair style but adhere to standards of hair care. If long hair has a high maintenance then bob hair if ignored can be disastrous. In case of a long hair or medium hair one can resort to cutting to mend frayed ends or resolve the problem of split ends.

The use of rollers or styling gels takes the toll on the quality of hair. If style is important then one also has to through beauty regimes. Just as one goes through a skin treatment to treat the ailments hair masks and conditioners are also vital for it to survive the problems of dryness and knotty hair. There are lotions that help to easily remove the knots and this can help in the problem of hair breakage. There are special shampoos that are available that have formulations and anti breakage variety and also control split ends.

One of the commonest problems especially in dry winters is that of dandruff. Stress also plays havoc on the hair and the quality gradually deteriorates. Hair fall or hair thinning is a gradual process. Bob haircuts and dandruff problems need to be addressed immediately. As the hair is short there is lot of attention on the hair and dandruff falling on the shoulders is repelling.

The styles for bob hair cuts without bangs is also possible, though adding bangs definitely changes the look. Baby fine hair is very difficult to manage and this tries to fall flat. Cutting has to be done in a limited way and hence one needs to add bounce with shampoos that are mild and conditioners add to making the hair look fuller.

On days that are off or when you are at home, keep the hair simple and without any application. If traveling for a long time then make sure to use a scarf or try a bandana around. Washing the hair after travel is essential as grime and sweat clogs the pores and is unhealthy for the hair. Again just as 100 brush strokes may not be good for your hair, showering the hair can also damage the scalp. This happens when the roots are weak and require high strengthening treatments.

Diet is the important factor and normally ignored by all of us. Menopause also effects hair and results in thinning and frizzy hair. There are hormonal factors too related to the post pregnancy hair loss and the truth lies in eating a well balanced diet. Proteins are the source of health hair and including protein rich food is vital for the tresses.

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