Easy to Follow Makeup Ideas You Can Emulate

Easy to Follow Makeup Ideas You Can Emulate

There are different makeup ideas you can copy or be inspired from, but it depends on a number of things. As you go along this article, you will be able to read what these different makeup styles are and when they are most applicable.

Makeup Ideas for the Eyes

Special attention is actually given to the eyes. A lot of people aren’t really aware that it’s the eyes that are often initially seen. Moreover, it’s great to play around with the eyes since they bear colors, from gray to green or brown.

Here are some eye makeup ideas. First know that the easiest way to determine which color would be perfect for you is to obtain a color wheel. Determine the color of your eyes, locate the shade in the wheel, and go for the opposite direction. That basically tells you what shade would look good on you. This is how you play with contrast. This also explains why orange shades such as copper and rust are considered some of the makeup ideas for blue eyes.

If you have green eyes, there are a number of colors to choose from. You can be icy, perfect for a Christmas theme, by settling for silver or something metallic. On the other hand, if you want the colors to really pop up, select peach or pink or a shade closer to these two.

You’re lucky if you have brown eyes since a lot of colors can be utilized. In fact, you can still make use of brown, but you have to take into consideration the intensity of brownness of your own eyes. You don’t want to drown the color of your own eyes with that of the eyeshadow or the eyeliner.

Interestingly, various color options are available for hazel eyes, depending on what shade you like it to have. If you have hazel green eyes, applying darker shades of brown may make them look like more brown than green.

Gothic Makeup Ideas

One of the more popular makeup ideas is gothic. It is usually characterized by the use of too much black-eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara. But then you don’t really have to settle for it.

There are even some who opt for cute gothic makeup styles by adding swirls and dots at the end of the eyelids. They also add some glitters and even much bolder colors. You just need to retain the black elements by having thicker eyelids and longer and thicker mascaras.

Makeup Ideas for Various Occasions

There are also party makeup ideas. If you’re attending a bridal affair, it’s a rule to never upstage the look of the bride. You may also want to tone down your makeup, unless the wedding is going to be held in the evening. A thicker makeup can also be applied during formal affairs.

On the other hand, if you’re still going to school, you want to keep your look as natural as possible. Concealers will already do just fine to get rid of the spots and blemishes. You can also settle for just one shade for the eyeshadow.

On children’s parties, it’s okay to go overboard with makeup and even come up with various designs using them, such as fairy. Colorful things make the children happy.

These are the different makeup ideas or makeup tips, as well as new ideas on how to stay pretty. Experiment on any of them and have some fun trying out new looks.

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