How to Do Makeup for Blue Eyes

How to Do Makeup for Blue Eyes

How do you exactly work on the makeup for blue eyes? There are actually too many factors to consider. Physically, you need to take into consideration your skin tone and color of the hair. You also have to be mindful of the clothing you’re wearing and the time of day you’re sporting the makeup.

Make Up Tips for Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are very tantalizing, but they can also be very cold and icy. One of the main objectives of makeup styles for blue eyes is to make them twinkle and playful, as well as give them more drama and expression.

How to do makeup for blue eyes, however, depends on a couple of things. One is the hair color. Makeup for blue eyes and brown hair would mean the use of lighter colors, such as light blue, brown, and deep bronze. You may want to utilize the eyeliner, but make sure that you apply the color very thinly. If not, you can stick with the brown shade.

If you have fair complexion and blonde hair, you can do well with eyeliner and mascara of brown tones. You may skip anything black since the color can be too powerful. Nevertheless, if you truly want something dark, opt for very dark blue or navy blue.

It’s uncommon to have blue eyes, fair skin, and dark hair. If you have the latter, there’s a good chance you have it dyed. Because of the strong shade of your hair, it’s not a good idea to settle for very dark shades for your blue eyes. You may want to stick with something more neutral or natural.

Also keep in mind what you’re wearing and the time of day. Though it’s typical for women to wear heavy makeup at night, it’s recommended to soften it a bit when you’re doing prom makeup for blue eyes. After all, it’s teens that you’re dealing with. You want to highlight their youthful features. If they are wearing a number of accessories, the makeup should also be very basic and light to avoid going overboard.

Best Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

An eyeshadow is very important since it helps accentuate the eyes, allowing them to pop and develop more personality. However, there’s no such thing as a definite color for your eyeshadow, but there are excellent preferences.

For instance, peach and pink will look good on people with blue eyes. You can apply them all throughout the eyelid if you’re sporting a more natural look. You can, however, consider having a darker shade over the crease for a more dramatic or smokey appearance.

Speaking of something smokey, you can make use of gray, silver, and violet to help you achieve that. Again, avoid using black eyeliner, so you don’t overpower the color of the iris. Instead use brown.

How to Know the Best Makeup for Blue Eyes

Since there are quite a number of things that can affect the entire look, knowing the best makeup for blue eyes for yourself can take some time. It’s going to be trial and error. Nevertheless, gain insight by checking out fashion magazines and learning from the experts.

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