5 Makeup Tricks for a More Beautiful You

5 Makeup Tricks for a More Beautiful You

Every woman should have at least 5 makeup tricks up her sleeve. After all, it is not all the time that she can retouch her makeup. Here are 5 of the tricks that you can pull off easily to help you look more stunningly beautiful. Try them and see if they are suited for you.

Essential Beauty Tips

The best of make up tricks is keeping beautiful with or without makeup. This is achieved by pampering your face as often as you can. Did you know that too much makeup ruins your skin? Parts of the cosmetics that you apply will react with or stick to your skin; therefore, the lesser time you are wearing them, the better. However, if it is unavoidable, you can still keep a radiant face by removing makeup as soon as possible.

Next, massage your face using the makeup remover; then, massage water unto your face for one minute. This will allow oxygen to refresh your skin. You can use a rejuvenating and moisturizing cream on your face while you sleep.

How to Do Makeup

Always apply lip balm with vitamin E underneath your lipstick. This trick is essential to keep your lips healthy and soft. You can then add your usual lipstick evenly on your lips. Top this off with a little dab of transparent lip gloss right at the middle line.

Makeup application tips are so easy to do that it is often a wonder why not a lot of people have discovered their use.

Eye Makeup Tricks

There are a lot of tricks when it comes to applying eye makeup. One, blend different eye shadow colors to create a beautiful rainbow. Two, use eye shadow instead of eye liner to line your eyes. Three, don’t use mascara on your lower eye lashes; you will only ruin them. You should also try putting some loose powder on your eyelashes before applying your mascara.

Makeup Colors

Various makeup tricks and tips will not work well if you don’t know how to choose your makeup colors. If you are new at makeup and do not know the exact color combinations that will complement your outfit, try to get free samples from cosmetic stores so that you can determine what looks best for you.

Makeup Tips: What Not to Do

These make up tricks should be noted. Do not use extreme water temperatures to wash your face as this will only lead to broken-therefore, ugly-looking-veins and skin. You can try alternating with warm and cold water but never too hot or too cold. If you applied tonic lotion, do not use water to wash it off or your face will lose moisture. Just pat the excess lotion using a soft towel.

One trick may be considered common sense: do not switch products very often. If a product has great results on you, why look for another one? Stick with what you have used as your skin is already more attuned to this product.

Makeup tricks will only work if you remember them religiously, so, the next time you think of applying or removing makeup, follow these tricks.

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