Go Retro with 70’s Makeup Styles

Go Retro with 70's Makeup Styles

You really don’t have to go to a real disco before you can fully enjoy the 70’s makeup styles. A lot of people wear them just to pay homage to what is being considered as a time of freedom of expression.

The ideas of flower power; make peace, not war; and artist freedom are very much alive in this era. You can also wear the 70’s eye makeup when you simply want to look different from all the rest. You will learn later, though, the various makeup styles associated with this period.

How to Apply that 70’s Makeup Styles

There are two 70’s makeup styles that dominated during this period. First you have the tanned look, reminiscent of the times people spent on the beaches of Miami or Laguna Beach. The other is the more natural look, perhaps since men and women those days were beginning to feel more comfortable of who they were. The segregation that went on so violently during the earlier decades was slowly disappearing.

To achieve the bronze look, you’re going to need a lot of bronzers. You will also use a lot of shimmers, particularly in the face and shoulders, where tan lines are usually seen. You also need to put some on your shoulders if you wish to wear sleeveless tops.

If the bronzers won’t work, there are fake tan liquids you can get hold of. The colors may range from light orange to darker orange or brown. It’s highly recommended you don’t go beyond with your choice, as you don’t want to make the “tan” appear too forced.

The seventies also brought some attention to the eyes, but there was not a lot of emphasis on the kind of mascara put on. Instead, it was a time when lengthy and thick lashes were in fashion. Thus, you can try lengthening your lashes by applying strong mascara or wearing eyelash extensions. You can also find eyelash growth formulas that promote speedier and more efficient growth for your lashes. As for your lips, you can already keep up with the seventies fashion even if you’re just using a lip gloss.

1970’s Makeup Styles: How the Hair Should Look Like

Gone were the big pompous hairdos. On the other hand, both men and women were starting to sport the more natural look when it comes to their hair. They allow them to grow as long as they would want. You can do that too. However, know that their hair wasn’t just long. They were very well maintained and extremely sleek and shiny. If you like to maintain the 70s hair and makeup, then you should continuously have your hair conditioned or oiled.

Other hairstyles that became a huge hit during the seventies were afro, disco wedge cut, and the shag. You really don’t have to stick to the styles to a T. You can always incorporate newer styles with the old one. You just need to trust your hair to the experts.

70’s Makeup Styles: More Tips

Here are more ideas on how to go about with your 70’s style makeup. First, don’t trust your face with just about any makeup. Choose the best ones, those that match your skin type. You can pick a lot of options when you shop at the website of Lauren Hutton. If you wish to get more 70s makeup ideas, take a look at old magazines. If you like to copy them, discuss the looks you like comprehensively with the professional.

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