For Asians: The Secrets to the Asian Makeup Style

For Asians: The Secrets to the Asian Makeup Style

Asia are the most beautiful women on Earth. Asian makeup occupies a genre of its own in the world of fashion. You will instantly know it as kimonos are gaining a market of its own, or the chinky-eye look is preferred by a number of women these days. It’s no wonder therefore that you may be one of those who are itching-if not, curious-of how to create the closest Oriental look.

Asian Features

Glossy magazines would normally showcase Caucasian models who are brightly made up. Thus, Asian women try to imitate the look and follow their beauty tips. Asians usually have almond-shaped eyes, which do not have a lot of creases or folds, yellow or white or brown skin tone, and straight hair and eyelashes. Because of these differences in facial characteristics and skin tone, following the makeup tips that are meant for Caucasians will only make an Asian frustrated. Therefore, here are some Asian makeup tips and secrets to make you the beautiful Asian that you are.

Asian Eye Makeup Tips

Asian makeup was often characterized as simple with hues of brown and black. Nowadays, changes in trends allowed metallic colors and bright hues and tints to be integrated into that system. There is a large probability that your eyes are either brown or black; therefore, makeup of these colors is boring for you. Try metallic colored eyeliners and eye shadows. Those with gold, pink, or rust colors are good too. Make up for eye lids can be dramatic by using plum or espresso colors.

Do you like your large almond eyes? Or would you rather have smaller ones so that other people will not stare too much? Or if you have small eyes, then would you want them to look rounder? You can achieve these Asian makeup looks by some simple strokes of the brush. For larger-looking eyes, you can use dark colors to make them appear smaller. However, you should be careful with choosing the shade, or you may end up looking like someone punched you. To achieve the opposite effect (such as having larger eyes), choose lighter shades.

Make Up for Eye Lid Crease

Do you mean to say that you do not have folded eye lids? Well, that is typical of Asians, and you should not be ashamed of that. But if you really want to look like you have some creases on your eye lids, then you can use different eye shadows to create that effect. You should make some layers on your eyelids by starting with a light shade, which includes the area just beneath your eye brows. Depending on the creases you want, you can add the colors. Use dramatic colors on the tip of the lid to make it look like you have a crease there too.

If you are having trouble copying the look on the latest glossy magazine for fashion, remember that Asian makeup is versatile and unique, so be creative and be willing to experiment.

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