How to Make an Inverted Bob Hair Cuts

How to Make an Inverted Bob Hair Cuts

Women at large get attracted to an inverted bob hair cuts being one of the latest bob hair cut style in vogue. By definition, it simply includes the turning of hair tails inside or turning inward the whole hair cut tappers. These inverted bobs are known to be very small in height. They are almost chin length. In other word, shoulder length is considered to be the longest inverted bob hair cut. The moment you are done with the inverted bob hair cuts, it is left for you to design your hair suitably and use hair dryer and curl comb to set them inside. You have better advantage if your style easily adapts to the pattern.

How to Make an Inverted Bob Hair CutsHowever, hair gel, mousse and many more can be applied to the women hair that seemingly difficult to pattern. An ideal inverted bob hair cuts style therefore is simply a bob cut with hair turned inside. You can have your inverted bob hair cuts in varieties of ways depending on your desired style. Supposing your hair is very slim, you are advised to make do with layered bob hair cuts for 2010. By this, you are sure to get several volumes to your hair with more detail appearance.

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Alternatively, young women can opt for inverted bob hair cuts with bangs if they still prefer to be attractive. Even the working women that choose to maintain professional and fashionable appearance may go for lengthen inverted bob hair cuts. These types of style are simple to maintain and fit nearly all clothes. Similarly, it gives you room to appropriately fasten your hair while on the move. Considering the endless types of inverted bob hair cuts, the choice is now yours to select the one that goes down well with you.

Here are the processes of having inverted hair cut:

  1. One hair cutting scissors
  2. One water spray bottle
  3. Hair section clips
  4. Correct toothed tail comb
  5. An apron for hair cut
  6. One friend or a dummy since you cannot have your hair cut by yourself.

HINT: The lower layers with comprehensive fashionable look have an angle between 20 to 30 degrees far from the scalp. Some layers will be added with the hair tail. The average layer settle for angle 45 degrees and include layer to individual hair take an angle 90 degrees. You are expected to have a fully layered hair appearing full to the favorable conditions.


Let the hair be maximally washed using shampoo and quality conditioner. Dry it with hair dryer thereafter.

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Usher your friend to a nice seat before the mirror, same goes with a dummy.


Begin to perfectly sectionalize the hair base on your choice and choose design. Let the section clips be fix to each sections


Take off with the back hair, take away the grouped hair from the back head and slice to the level of your choice. Get rid of the rest of the sections little by little from the back and trim them to the length you find most suitable.


At the left or right part, keep to the same technique beginning with the shorter section. Let the side height be at same level with the back hair.


Cut appropriately in case you prefer lower hair in front or bang because of this reason, ensure that you trim the hair according to your preference


Return to the back hair, cleverly angle them to the extent that they are lower over the nape but lengthier just as you consciously move towards to top. Besides, you can give alternate steps and layers in order to have a more decent appearance.


Look out for the excess or unsmoothed hair and correctly cut them to size. Now you have gotten your latest and clean inverted bob hair cuts. Position is properly under dryer, you can now begin to passionately display it about. You have fully grabbed what it takes to cut an inverted bob hair and even achieve the best bob hair cuts for 2010. On the other hand, it is suggested that seek advice from your haircut trainer and professional on the best way of doing it. The days of your bad hairs are numbered the moment you have fully comprehend the powerful inverted bb hair cuts. Cheers!!!

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